Remote Training + Support

To say 2020 has ramped up increased remote experiences is an understatement. Across the globe, in our factories, offices and homes, routines and systems have been disrupted by radical changes in human behavior; face-to-face interactions largely replaced by virtual encounters.

In the field of organizational management, adaptability is defined as the ability to change something or oneself to fit occurring changes. When our nature is to shut down or run away, great companies and leaders cope with and capitalize on unprecedented changes.

Although remote training is a relatively new offering here at CheckSum, remote support has been around a long time – allowing us to service our global customers 24×7.

CheckSum has been offering 24×7 (when arranged in advance) remote support thanks to tools like Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting and TeamViewer for a long time. In these environments we are able to observe, control and update customer systems in a matter of minutes instead of days compared to the traditional send an engineer model. Secure remote desktop control gives our field trained specialists instant access to your tester.

Secure remote desktop control gives our field trained specialists instant access to your tester.

Travel restrictions and social distancing requirements have recently created more demand for remote training. However, the shift to remote training has been ongoing for a number of years at CheckSum. Advances in the virtual meeting technologies have made remote training a more convenient and effective approach for many customers. Trainees are free to be in different locations, even from each other if need be.  Only one person needs to actually be next to the CheckSum test system.

CheckSum’s test systems and fixtures are very reliable and easy to support.  Because we deliver a full turnkey solution, customers know they only need to make one call to get efficient support, a spare part, training or a new fixture quote.

Recently, our Field Product Manager, Harry Jin, took the plunge with BECS Technology of Saint Louis, Missouri.  A full 2-day training session for 4 operators was requisite of a new system purchase.

“CheckSum’s customers have leveraged our engineer to engineer remote support for many years.  The goal for remote support has always been the same, resolve technical issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.  As our remote support tools have evolved over the years, remote training and support have become easier and more effective for our customers.  Our systems are simple to diagnose and easy to repair, allowing us to help customers resolve over 95% of our cases with remote support.”

Senior Project Manager, Mark Yerkes of BECS Technology oversaw the training;

“We found the remote training to be perfectly acceptable. In some ways more efficient than in-person training as it gave our staff and the Checksum trainer the ability to break away when competing time demands were encountered.”

To get the most from remote training we recommend that customers set up an appropriate training area with a standalone computer and a separate camera.  For ongoing remote support, we recommend that customers consider maintaining a local stock of spare parts to minimize their downtime. Local spares combined with remote support, allow most issues to be resolved quickly so production can be back up in less than a day.  The cost of the spare parts is minor compared to the lost revenue when their line is down.

We know there is no replacement to a handshake, a business dinner or networking event, but when remote support is the appropriate option, we can ensure you successful training and support experiences with our CheckSum team.