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CheckSum Test Executive Software Overview

Test Executive Software

The software shipped with every Analyst system includes the Test Executive that runs under Windows OS. The test executive features three primary functions:
  • Test program creation and validation. Interactive measurement analysis and built-in CAD conversion tools allow complete test generation in a few hours. Panelization Wizard makes test program generation easy for assemblies with multiple boards attached to a single panel.
  • Test program execution, including MultiWriter ISP programming. It handles single or panelized boards with equal adeptness.
  • Test results tracking to identify problem components and trend analysis that includes real-time Pareto graphics to track production yields and identifies problem components. Graphical X-Bar/Sigma Report identifies process or component variation trends.
Other test executive capabilities include login and password protection to restrict access to specific features of the test station.
Roll your mouse over the links below to view example windows in the Test Executive:  

Test Executive
Test Executive

Main Test System Window

Test Pass Window

Test Fail Window

Test Generation Editor Window

CAD Data Conversion Window

SPC Analysis Window

Production Report Window

X-Bar / Sigma Report Window

Pareto Failure Report Window

System Configuration Window