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CheckSum Board Viewer Failure Display Software

Test Executive Software

The CheckSum Board Viewer for Windows 98 software reduces repair costs by showing failures on the tested assembly in several views. The Board Viewer software presents a photographic image of the assembly, the schematic and the test fixture probe map. A major benefit for repairing assemblies is the ability to quickly locate failed components. In addition, using stored failure data, failed components can be located at a repair station after the board is tested. The schematic view shows where components are used in the circuit. The probe map can be used to find a faulty spring probe. CheckSum Board Viewer works in conjunction with CheckSum test programs to highlight failed components.

Note: The Board Viewer software is not available for the Analyst series and/or Windows XP or Windows 7 OS.

Features include:

  • Components highlighted in color for Pass/Fail
  • Display a photographic image of the PCB with failed components highlighted
  • Display the schematic of an assembly with failed components highlighted
  • Display the probe map of the fixture test points
  • Instantly find components and test points
  • Search for test probe numbers and net name
  • Handy, interactive editing window allows image annotation generation in a few hours.
Roll your mouse over the links below to view example windows in Board Viewer:  
Board Viewer Software Image

CheckSum Executive Test System Software

The software shipped with every test system includes the Test Executive that runs under Windows 98 and Windows XP. Click here for information and example screens about the Test Executive.

Circuit Board View

Schematic View

Probe Map View