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In Circuit Test (ICT) and Part Programming Product Lines

Analyst ICT Systems

Analyst In Circuit Test Systems
High-coverage In Circuit Test (ICT)

The CheckSum Analyst ems is designed to test all types of circuit assemblies. The system combines manufacturing process testing with TestJet Technology to test a single assembly or a panel of multiple assemblies.
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MultiWriter Part Programming
In Circuit On-Board Part Programming

On-Board, Production Part Programming for up to 384 devices simultaneously means high-throughput at low cost.
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CheckSum Fixture SystemsCheckSum Fixture Systems

Test fixtures
Reliability at low cost

Reliable low-cost test fixtures from CheckSum.
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Customer Support

Turnkey support
Custom fixtures & test programs

Only CheckSum offers complete ready-to-run turnkey applications packages so your boards are in production fast.
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Analyst In Circuit Test Logo
CheckSum’s Analyst systems are the low-cost, high-fault coverage alternative to traditional "big iron" in circuit testers from Agilent and Teradyne/GenRad.

CheckSum is the only ATE company with a Total Turnkey Solution that provides complete in circuit test systems, fully operational test fixtures and ready-to-run test programs for boards with single or double-sided surface mount technology (SMT) as well as through-hole components.