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Options and Accessories

CheckSum test systems can be enhanced with a variety of options and accessories that will enhance your system's performance and convenience.

Model T-120-2U Industrial 40-Column Strip Printer

The CheckSum T-120-2U Industrial Strip Printer can be used to print test results. It is compact and the 40 column print-out can be easily removed to accompany the assembly being tested. You may also want to use a standard 80-column printer with your system for printing test programs, statistical process control (SPC) reports and other files.

  • Dot-matrix operation
  • 40-column width
  • Standard 3-inch roll paper
  • 4 lines/second (LPS)
  • USB interface
  • Integrated power supply
Download SP500 USB Printer DriverZIP File(V2.0 for Windows 32-bit Systems, 63MB file)
CheckSum Instructions to Install SP500 USB Strip Printer DriverPDF
Test Results Printer
40-Column Strip Printer

Model T-120-3 Foot Switch

Foot Switch
Foot Switch
  • Allows the operator to sequence through testing without use of keyboard for most repetitive operations.
  • Connects to an unused parallel printer port on the computer and emulates the [F1] function key (not available for the Analyst series).


CR-2 Milli-Ohm Meter Module

The CR-2 module is used to test low-resistance components on circuit assemblies such as connectors, relay contacts, PCB traces, and shunt resistance. The CR-2 can make accurate milli-ohm resistance measurements with 2W, 200mW, and 20mW ranges.
Download CR-2 specifications (2 pages)PDF


CM-3 Calibration/Verification Module/Fixture

CM-3 Unit

CM-3 Calibration Module

The Model CM-3 Calibration/Verification Module/Fixture provides external confirmation of the system's calibration.  The CM-3 Module/Fixture includes precise components that verify the accuracy of the Analyst series, TR-8 or TR-4 measurement systems with the included software.  The CM-3 can be used for test system traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  The Model CM-3 reference components can also be characterized in an external calibration lab for traceability.  The CM-3 provides the traceability typically required in ISO 9000 certified sites.  The unit can be purchased without traceability documentation certificate or with traceability documentation (order the Model CM-CAL).

The calibration accessory can be purchased as a separate module (Model CM-3) or integrated into a test fixture (e.g., CM-3-KIT2KN, CM-3-KIT1000 or CM-3-KIT600).

Operator's Keypad

The Model TR-8-KEYPAD allows the operator to use the TR-8/TR-10 system without a standard keyboard. The keypad provides three system status LEDs (green for pass, red for fail, amber for busy). The keypad has eight keys for operator control. F1 through F7 keys are used for most operations such as next-test or retest, and the ESCape key aborts most operations. The keypad is connected directly to the System Module back panel.

ICT Fixture Storage System

The Model FIX-P-STORAGE is a new fixture kit storage system with built-in handles.  This option replaces the four tubes and bolts used to assemble the pneumatic fixture kits for storage.  This kit storage option can be used on any of the fixture kits for the TR-7 or TR-9 series pneumatic fixture systems.

Fixture Storage Kit
Fixture Storage System

AC-1 Pneumatic Controller

The Model AC-1 Pneumatic Controller is designed to allow automatic control of pneumatic air cylinders. A single TTL/CMOS signal or contact closure actuates an electric solenoid inside the AC-1 directing air from the Input port to either the Engage or Disengage output ports.

 Model AC-1 Specifications:

Line Voltage 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz, 25VA
Air Switching Dual action, 50-120PSI Quick Connect Air In, Engage and Disengage Ports
Manual Control Engage, Remote or Disengage
Remote Control 5V CMOS/TTL signal (pull low) or contact closure to engage air
Interlock Control  5V CMOS/TTL signal (pull low) or contact closure to inhibit air
Air Ports Input: 0.25 inch industrial interchange male fitting, or 0.125 inch NPT female connection
Engage: 0.25 inch O.D. tubing
Disengage: 0.25 inch O.D. tubing
Overall Size 3.25" W x 10.5" D x 4.25" H

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VC-1 Vacuum Controller

The Model VC-1 Vacuum Controller is designed to allow automatic control of vacuum.  It is typically used to control bed-of-nails test fixturing. The VC-1 is a small, standalone unit with a switch for manual operation or it can be controlled remotely.  A single TTL/CMOS signal or contact closure actuates a 3-way vacuum valve inside the VC-1 to either connect or disconnect vacuum from the test fixture. 

When vacuum is disconnected, the test fixture side of the valve is vented to ambient air, allowing the fixture to quickly disengage.

VC-1 Specifications:
Line Voltage 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz, 25VA
Vacuum Switching 3-Way:
Connect vacuum and close exhaust
Disconnect vacuum and open exhaust to test fixture
Manual Control Engage, Remote or Disengage
Remote Control 5V CMOS/TTL signal (pull low) or contact closure to engage vacuum
Vacuum Ports Input has 0.75 inch NPT female connection
Output has 0.75 inch NPT female connection
Overall Size 6" W x 8" D x 5.5" H

VC-1 Vacuum Controller

DM-1 Discharge System

The CheckSum Model DM-1 Discharge System isolates and protects the MDA test system electronics from an electrically charged unit-under-test (UUT). Normally, UUTs do not become electrically charged during the manufacturing process, however, functional or system testing may leave an electrical charge on a UUT. The DM-1 will protect the test system from a UUT that may have become electrically charged with up to 250 volts. The CheckSum DM-1 also protects the test system from severe static charges on a UUT. The Model DM-1 is connected between the test fixture and the MDA test system electronics. Special internal circuitry in the DM-1 prevents the MDA electronics from being connected if a charge exists.

The CheckSum test system software can detect a charged UUT and wait for the discharge. The overvoltage charge is automatically discharged. Once the UUT voltage has been discharged to a safe level, normal testing with the MDA test system can proceed. The standard CheckSum test system multiplexer cables connect to the rear of the Model DM-1. A second test cable is provided with each 50-pin discharge module to connect to the fixture.

Installing additional discharge modules in the Discharge System is quick and easy. Each DM-1-SW plug-in card protects 50 test points in the test system. The Model DM-1 can accommodate twenty Model DM-1-SW Switch Modules. A completely configured Model DM-1 Discharge System allows isolation and protection of 1000 test points. Additional Discharge Systems can be daisy-chained for higher pin-count systems.

Model DM-1 Specifications

Front Panel LEDs Power-on, Discharging, Unprotected
Front Panel Control Discharge, Auto (Remote), Bypass
Rear Panel Control On/Off Power Switch
Software Control Fixture Control (FIXCT)
Weight Approximately 16 lbs. (shipping wt. approximately 20 lbs.)
Overall Size  17"W x 9"D x 6.25"H
Capacity 1000 Points
Output Cables 36 in.
AC Input 100-120VAC 50/60Hz 
200-230VAC 50/60Hz
AC Power  75VA maximum

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Discharge Module Front
DM-1 Discharge System: front

Discharge Module Back
DM-1 Discharge System: back