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Backplane / Backpanel Test
Continue to make use of your Testronics Model 401 and Fixtures & Test Programs

Backplane / Backpanel Test
Model CS401

CS401 System Features


  • Loaded Circuit Assemblies
  • Through-Hole and SMT Assemblies
  • Single and Double-Sided Assemblies
  • Individual or Panelized Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Upgrade Retrofit for Testronics Model 401 - Backplane / Backpanel Tester

The upgrade retrofit is performed on-site with your Testronics Model 401 system, world-wide:
  • Replaces the Testronics electronics and press controls with CheckSum test electronics
  • Worldwide support for the complete tester – electronics and Testronics press unit
  • Full mechanical/electrical service contracts are available for on-site support
  • New "Fixture Lock-down" capability to verify contact between the fixture interface and the test probes. This fixture lock-down mechanism provides two superior features:
    1. Reduces wear of the spring-probes and fixture target pads since the fixture would only move down and up once, when a new fixture is installed and removed. The present system actuates the system spring-probes for each UUT tested. Spring-probe fatigue and target pad deterioration will cause intermittent connections and unreliable test program results.
    2. The fixture spring-probe pins can be probed for connection to the test system electronics with the CheckSum single-point probe after the lock-down is engaged, the press unit top is disengaged and the fixture lid is opened. This allows verification of proper connection between the fixture and the system. Test probe connection to the UUT nets is also possible if the UUT can be held down in contact with the fixture spring-probes.
  • Modern ICT system with on-going development path
  • Extensible architecture
  • Additional functional and on-board part programming (ISP) capabilities
  • Program converter for existing Testronics programs
  • Continue to use Testronics press and fixtures

CS401 System Features:
20,480 total test point capacity
Tests backplanes up to 30" x 19" (76.2cm x 48cm) in one pass / one fixture
Continuity measurement setups down to 10 ohms
Unlimited Guard capability
Complex Impedance measurements
Quadrature A/C Capacitance & Inductance measurements
Fully programmable measurement parameters and Low/High Test Limits
Resistors, Capacitors & Inductors
DC Capacitor test for measuring large capacitances
Diodes, LEDs, Zeners & Transistors
IC Test with Diode Junction Scan for IC Testing plus Vectorless Test with TestJet
Missing/Bent Open/Shorted Pins
Connector Orientation & Keying
Control of the test result formats
Call external EXE and/or COM program control
External I/O Control to allow Test Program control of active fixtures (dual stage, motors, etc.)
CAD translation tools for Net List programming
SPC (Statistical Process Control) software toolbox included
4-wire Kelvin, through the fixture interface, to eliminate all system-related resistance

Vectorless: Agilent (HP) TestJet Technology (tests for opens on IC pins & capacitor polarity verification)
Programmable power supplies to power-up the backplane for power-on testing and part programming
Part programming with MultiWriter On-Board, In-System Part Programming (ISP)

Demonstration System

If you have a Testronics Model 401 and would like to discuss this CheckSum upgrade with world-wide support or would like to see a demonstration unit, please contact CheckSum.

Why CheckSum?

  • Leading global provider of low-cost ICT systems
  • World-wide technology leader in on-board programming of ISP devices with MultiWriter ISP system
  • 20+ years history of innovation and customer service
  • CheckSum’s architecture is extensible, so we can build very large ICT systems with the same capabilities as our standard-sized systems. 
  • Electronics fits in 19” rack for easy integration into existing platforms
  • Winner with Jabil of SMT China Vision Award for ‘Flexible Fixture System’, a 15,000 node ICT system
  • 15,000 Node System currently testing very complex networking boards (PCBA) during NPI
  • Global sales and support infrastructure
  • Installed base of over 3,000 systems world-wide
  • Provides full service: ICT systems, fixtures, programs, and support
  • Winner of 5-way Low Cost ICT benchmark at a major Tier 1 CM (Contract Manufacturer)
  • Different business model from competitors:
    • No software service contracts
    • Complete mechanical/electrical service contracts are available for support
Download the CS401 Backplane Test System Instruction ManualPDF

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