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Model TR-9-1000-QC Long Travel Pneumatic Fixture System


  • Pneumatic Power
  • Quick Change of Fixture Kits
  • Up to 1000 Test System Connections
  • Fast/Safe Loading & Unloading
  • No Lid to Open or Close


  • Circuit Assemblies
  • Through-hole and SMT Devices
  • Top and Bottom Probing
  • Hard-to-Gasket Assemblies
  • Individual or Panelized PCBs

TR-9-1000-QC Long Travel Pneumatic Fixture System Overview

The CheckSum Model TR-9-1000-QC Long Travel Pneumatic Fixture System is designed to be the basis for CheckSum stand-alone bed-of-nails test systems.  Integrated into the system is rack space for system electronics, a keyboard, and a front panel with a minimum selection of buttons to make it easy, safe, and error-free for the operator to use.

The Model TR-9-1000-QC can be used for test fixturing of circuit boards up to 13.2" x 16".   This fixture system can be used for most general-purpose bed-of-nails fixturing applications including those with top and bottom access, and TestJet Technology*.

The Model TR-9-1000-QC utilizes a 6" long-travel mechanism so that a lid does not need to be opened and closed between tests.  The unit-under-test (UUT) is simply removed and the next one put into place.  To start the test, the operator uses both hands to press and hold the Test button in conjunction with a safety button.   Once the test starts, the operator can release the buttons.  For extra safety, a force-sensing mechanism causes the system to release if it encounters resistance during its downward travel until the last 0.5" of travel is reached.

Change-Over for New UUTs
The TR-9-1000-QC makes change-over from one type of UUT to another quick and easy.  The top plate of the fixture simply unclips for removal.  The fixture-kit base is released with a switch and is removed in a single operation.

With the integrated fixture interface, there are no cables to change or tools required.  Fixtures can be changed out in a matter of seconds.  Installing the new fixture is done by sliding the new cover plate and fixture base into position.

Integrating System Electronics
For compatibility with CheckSum Test Electronics, the TR-9-1000-QC contains 14" of 19"-EIA rack space.  This will house up to two industrial controllers in either 14-slot or 20-slot configuration, such as the CheckSum Model T-120-IC.  Rack slides allow the test electronics to be easily accessed for maintenance.

The TR-9-1000-QC can be used for most general-purpose fixturing applications, and can also be used when the unit-under-test (UUT) is difficult to gasket and seal on vacuum fixture systems: when probe loading per square inch is high, if many routed openings exist, or if there are open through-holes (often found on SMT UUTs).

Download TR-9-1000-QC Data Sheet (4 pages) PDF

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TR-9-1000-QC Fixture System
Model TR-9-1000-QC
Long-Travel Fixture Press
(shown with some optional equipment)

TR-9-1000-QC Instruction Manual PDF