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CheckSum Management Philosophy

CheckSum is a growing, privately held company that is committed to the board test industry.  In 2003, CheckSum was acquired from its founders by a group of private investors who saw the opportunity of expanding the role of low-cost in circuit test (ICT) and part programming within the electronics manufacturing market.  CheckSum represented a unique opportunity because it had developed the best low-cost ICT products and had primarily relied on word-of-mouth advertising, having grown steadily for 17 years without ever having a sales force.  The investors found that CheckSum’s satisfied customer base was unique in the board test industry and are committed to expanding CheckSum’s presence by introducing CheckSum’s products to the numerous potential customers who may not know that there is a viable alternative to traditional “big iron” ICT.

John VanNewkirk, CheckSum’s President and CEO,  believes that the time has come for economics to play a more significant role in the selection of in circuit testers, as they have reached the mature phase of their development and the performance of low-cost ICT and high-cost ICT is identical for most boards. 

CheckSum Board of Directors

John VanNewkirk – President and CEO of CheckSum. In 2003 VanNewkirk led the acquisition of CheckSum by an investor group, Teton Industries. Earlier, VanNewkirk led a successful turnaround of a steel service center in southern China for Van Shung Chong Holdings (VSC), a publicly listed company in Hong Kong with annual revenue of approximately US$ 250 million. Prior to joining VSC, VanNewkirk served as a management consultant with Bain & Company in Hong Kong and San Francisco.   During his years at Bain, he developed and implemented growth strategies for Fortune 500 companies.  His experience across a spectrum of industries included cost reduction, process re-engineering, new market development, distribution strategy and implementation, and corporate strategy. VanNewkirk has a Bachelor of Sciences (Honors) from Brown University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. 

Richard Van Saun – Director.  Mr. Van Saun retired in 1999 from Danaher Corporation, where he served as General Manager, Industrial Group, following Danaher’s acquisition of Fluke Corporation.  Previously, Mr. Van Saun was a Senior Vice President at Fluke, where he held various senior engineering and management roles during a 35 year career.  Early in his career, Mr. Van Saun was the Project Engineer for Fluke’s first Digital Multimeter. Mr. Van Saun holds BSEE and MSEE degrees from Stanford University.