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CheckSum In-Circuit Test (ICT) & On-Board Part Programming Systems

CheckSum, LLC is a leading supplier of in circuit test and on-board gang programming systems and services to the worldwide electronics manufacturing industry.  Products and services include systems, fixtures, and programs that detect manufacturing process faults on complex SMT printed circuit assemblies and that provide value-added operations such as device In-System, On-Board Part Programming.

CheckSum has been delivering reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use test solutions to OEMs and contract manufacturers since 1987. With an installed base of almost 3,000 test systems at more than 200 manufacturing sites in over 40 countries, CheckSum helps customers ranging from automotive electronics manufacturers to global EMS providers increase productivity while reducing total test and manufacturing costs.
Blue sky?  Sure, it happens once each summer!
Based in Arlington, Washington, CheckSum is the only North American Automated Test Equipment (ATE) supplier that offers complete solution packages from a single source, including:

What companies use CheckSum?

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CheckSum's Value Philosophy

1. In circuit test is a mature but still cost effective technology that will continue to be the primary means of electronics manufacturing test.

2. The fault spectrum of circuit boards has shifted significantly over the past 5 years.

3. Digital component defect rates have declined dramatically, reducing the need for expensive-to-implement digital vector testing.  

4. Boundary-scan and vectorless techniques such as TestJet Technology have mostly supplanted vectors.

5. Traditional in circuit testers, optimized around digital vector testing, require expensive fixtures, programs, and support.

6. In circuit testers with purchase and operating costs less than half those of traditional ICT provide test coverage well matched to today’s fault spectrum.

7. Using the Tester Portfolio Strategy, employing both low-cost and traditional ICT, allows test engineers to ensure that each test job is tooled for the appropriate tester, reducing total testing cost.

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